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Pictures from the Hola Mahalla exhibition launch

Here are the pictures from the exhibition launch and preview Screening of the Documentary Hola Mahalla: The Forgotten Festival on the 18 April. Below you can also see the launch video from the day.

You can see a trailer of the Documentary by clicking here.

To buy the documentary 'Hola Mahalla: The Forgotten Festival on DVD click here or to watch it online via On-Demand click here.

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A big thank you to Tim Mottram and Kala Sangam for the photos.



Test Prints

I received the latest batch of test prints for the Hola Mahalla exhibition, it feels like a step closer, and makes it little more real. I got a mixture of sizes, to see what is possible. When you blow an image up, any size bigger than A3 and you will potentially have issues. So a big thing we wanted to do was make sure the images were the best we could make them for the different sizes.

For exhibitions, when it comes to cost you don't just have to factor in the printing of the images you also have to factor in the frame costs. Thats obviously separate to the time and money invested in getting those shots in the first place. Eventually it all adds up.

Putting on an exhibition isn't cheap, and when you're funding it yourself it's daunting to say the least, but I feel its still worth persevering with and investing in. I personally haven't seen an exhibition on Hola Mahalla so that's an extra incentive to put it on. I also haven't come across too many Sikh themed exhibitions, especially up north. So instead of complaining about the absence of such exhibitions, or the lack sponsorship or funding that obviously would help finance such an endeavour, I decided to just crack on and do something. Thankfully the exhibition is on for at least two months, so I'm hoping people will get a chance to see it.

I hope people can take something away from the exhibition. I hope young and old, Sikhs and none Sikhs get the opportunity to visit it and be reminded of the great warrior and spiritual tradition us Sikhs were once famed for. I hope through the exhibition, people get a glimmer of this unique and amazing festival and be inspired to go experience it themselves.

With a bit of hard work and persistence they will.

To buy the documentary 'Hola Mahalla: The Forgotten Festival click here.