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Freedom of food and the Golden Temple

To the sounds of  DJ Shadow's 'Organ Donor' this video brilliantly captures Langar at Harimandir Sahib aka The Golden Temple. It shows the food being made and served while asking us to imagine a food system based on compassion. Something to think about while people are turning to food banks to eat:

"This short film comes from the kitchens of the golden temple where every day around 100,000 people, regardless of colour, caste or religion, donate, prepare, consume and clean for nothing more than compassion. Are we really moving in the right direction?
This year the world will produce enough food to feed twice the world's population, yet every day almost one billion people will sleep hungry".
Food for thought. 

Jason Taylor, the filmmaker behind the 'Freedom of food and the golden temple'

Click here to read more about the video and here for more about the project.