Review from of Hola Mahalla: The Forgotten Festival

The team at reviewed the documentary 'Hola Mahalla: The Forgotten Festival'.

The review is quite detailed and can be read fully here.

it is a most worthy documentary, worthy of the audience’s consideration”
— Harwinder Singh Mander,

Here's a snippet from the review:

"Lasting just under 45 minutes, ‘Hola Mahalla‘ is a visual feast of intriguing colours, sights and sounds. The quality of what appears on screen is excellent, particularly when one considers the speed and ferocity with which much of the festivities take place. As I watched, I began to view much of the footage as a valuable resource for the purpose of documenting and archiving how Hola Mahalla is practiced in Punjab today – which is a heady mix of evolved traditions and authentic Sikh culture. There are contributions by Baba Nihal Singh, Jathedar of the Harian-belan based Tarna Dal, and the now deceased Giani Tirlochan Singh who was Jathedar of Takht Kesgarh Sahib at Anandpur, home to the festival of Hola Mahalla. They both articulated the history and purpose of the festival, with the former going into some considerable detail on a range of elements. There’s was a credible voice that complimented the narrative and direction of the documentary, making it a significant work for both students of Sikhi and those wishing to simply learn more."

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