Leeds Vasakhi Nagar Kirtan


This Saturday it was a sunny and occasionally windy day, but there was a good turnout for this years Vasakhi Nagar Kirtan in Leeds. It was a good to meet lots of different people and a few old friends.

I managed to talk to quite a few people about the exhibition and documentary and hopefully some of them will make it to launch this Saturday the 18 April. You can book tickets to the exhibition launch preview screening of the documentary by clicking here.

I also met a couple of Spanish students who were excited to see their first Nagar Kirtan and enthusiastically asked "Who's Khalsa? It's his birth, who is he?" and pointed towards the Vasakhi banners "Birth of the Khalsa".

It's always nice to see people engage with cultures different to their own with positiveness and innocence. After explaining a little bit about Vasakhi to them I showed them a flyer for the Hola Mahalla: The Forgotten Festival exhibition. As they saw the word 'Hola' they said 'hola' the Spanish for 'hello' and we had a brief comedic exchange. Oh how we laughed...

Anyway, I also met the first person who ordered the DVD of the documentary and it was a bit sureal. I met him last year when I was promoting the project in Leeds and again this year. Small world and what not. A really supportive guy and all round top bloke.

Overall it was a good day as always and with that I would like to say - Happy Vasakhi people.