What's it like to edit a documentary?

It's like receiving 100 different jigsaw puzzles of varying complexity and trying to make new one. You have to watch all the footage you filmed, and this is where you learn that you should have recorded for longer, or should have stopped recording sooner. Its kind of therapeutic as you're faced with watching what you shot. Both the good and bad.

I shot everything myself so there was no one else to blame. Equally people that have watched the final documentary film 'Hola Mahalla: The Forgotten Festival' have constantly referred to how beautifully its been filmed and edited.

Filming and editing - perfect metaphors for life”

It's an exercise I recommend everyone try at least once in their lives. Go out with a goal to film something, edit the footage you've captured and see how close or far from your goal you are. Then think about the mistakes you've made along the way and how you would do things differently next time. Which shots you missed out on and how you would be better if you ever get a chance to do it all again. Filming and editing - perfect metaphors for life.


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