Exhibition preparation

We started with around 1000 photographic images for the Hola Mahalla exhibition, and whittled it down to 100, and then further for the final exhibition selection. It's a weird reflective process going through each image. The natural response is to be nostalgic about the moment I captured. Reminisce about what was happening at the time, the sounds, the smell, the heat, but instead you have to critique it in a very blunt "is this good enough?" kind of way.

It's hard looking at your own work and trying to be honest with yourself. It's also difficult not to think back to when I took some of the shots and think "if only". You also need to be objective and not let it sow seeds of doubt about your own ability.

Quality and not quantity has been the mantra, especially with those helping me decide on the images to use. We've got some unique and amazing images, coupled with the talented artists commissioned to create original pieces of art for the exhibition, I hope it's one people enjoy and remember.

Hola Mahalla exhibition will be running from 1 April to 31 May at Kala Sangam, Bradford. There will be a launch of the exhibition and preview screening of the documentary at 6.30pm on Saturday 18 April.

To buy the documentary 'Hola Mahalla: The Forgotten Festival click here.